About Us

We are a web development firm based in Minneapolis, run by people who know how to get things done. Our specialty is building websites and web applications that accomplish useful work without our clients lifting a finger. Whether that’s choosing a customer’s next delivery based on their preferences, automating the complex set of communications between a couple and wedding vendors, or reducing the repetition of a complex manual process, we’re eager to help our clients accomplish more in their limited workdays.

When you work with us, we become part of your team, collaborating with you to build the right solutions for your unique requirements. We can design and develop fully mobile-responsive websites, add new features to existing sites, and extend the life of legacy systems through smart maintenance.

Whenever you contact us, you’ll speak directly with the people who write the code — no more “we’ll check with the developer.” We have extensive experience with established businesses, start-ups and nonprofits. As former social impact professionals, we are especially excited to work with organizations who are intentional about improving our world, and offer a discount to registered 501(c)(3) organizations.

Let’s make something significant together.

Josh LaBau

I’m a big fan of automating menial tasks, and my favorite projects are ones where I can help clients reduce organizational busy-work and focus on the things they’re uniquely positioned to do. My hope with every new site is that it will enable my client to do more, and better.

When I’m not making more of the Internet, you can find me taking too many classes on Coursera or listening to a podcast while doing housework.

Madeline Graham

I enjoy tailoring websites to fulfill business goals – let’s make your website strategic & compelling! A longtime believer in social impact, I spent nearly five years in the nonprofit sector before becoming a web developer. My dream is to help create an ecosystem for social-purpose tech in the Twin Cities.

When I’m not developing websites, you can find me practicing German, working on my public speaking skills, or adoring my cats.